The Athenian Owl coin was the first currency that was widely recognized and used in international trade. It is possibly the most influential coin in history having been circulated widely for over 300 years. It was also the first widely minted coin that placed a 'head' on the front and a 'tail' on the reverse, giving rise to heads, and tails.

The Athenian owl coin was the first currency that was widely recognised and used in international trade. It is possibly the most influential coin in history, both in terms of its longevity (in circulation for over 300 years) and its contribution to the traditions of coinage. It was minted with the 'head' of Athena goddess of Athens on one side, and a 'tail', her sacred owl, on the other.

Bruno Curnier

Bruno CurnierAfter 10 years in commercial and investment banking in Paris and London, Bruno has spent 25 years training banking staff in risk management, capital markets and derivatives.  During this time he has delivered learning programmes for most of the top 50 global financial institutions.

Bruno started his banking career in Union de Banques à Paris, where he specialised in International Trade Finance.  He then moved to Saudi International Bank, London to join the Capital Markets Division, initially on the debt origination and syndicate desk and then as head of Continental European Sales.

In 1988 Bruno joined the Investment Banking and Treasury Division of DC Gardner (London), a bank training company as a training consultant.  He later became the company’s Managing Director, a position he held for 4 years.

In 1995 Bruno created his own investment banking training and consulting firm under the name of Beaufort Consulting which in 2000 he merged with another training business to create ENB Consulting Ltd, headquartered in the UK.  Bruno relocated to Hong Kong in 2004 to set up ENB Consulting Asia.

In December 2008 the ENB Consulting Group was acquired by Moody’s Analytics (a division of Moody’s Corporation).  Bruno remained with Moody’s Analytics as a Managing Director and head of the Asia-Pacific training operations until his departure in December 2010.

In 2011, jointly with Deborah Savin, Bruno created a new professional services company, bdConsulting Limited (Hong Kong), to cater to the needs of finance industry executives in terms of technical learning, strategic consultancy as well as executive, team and organisational coaching.

Bruno’s many years of experience and more recent studies in Psychology and Executive & Organisational Coaching combine well in the development and delivery of effective training programmes.

Areas of expertise

  • Fund management and portfolio construction
  • Private banking
  • Fixed income capital markets
  • Graduate training
  • Risk management and derivatives
  • One-to-one technical coaching

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