The Chinese dragon is a symbol of power, strength and good luck. Traditionally believed to have influence over the weather and large bodies of water, dragons were worshipped in times of flooding or drought. In Chinese daily language, outstanding people are compared to the dragon.

Goliath Lau

Goliath LauGoliath has 13 years of trading experience in the financial derivatives industry.  After a brief period as an officer in the back office, he became an interest rate derivatives trader at HSBC Hong Kong in 1995.  He worked as a market maker in the local derivatives market and facilitated the corporate and financial institutional client business.

In 2003 Goliath joined the exotic derivatives desk at JP Morgan Chase, where he traded and structured exotic products in Asian local currencies.  In 2007 he joined Bear Stearns Asia as a managing director to set up the exotic business in Asian currencies.

In 2010 Goliath joined Moody’s Analytics as a director in training services. Since then, he has designed and delivered a wide range of financial markets and risk management training courses. His clients have included investment banks (both support and front office staff), financial institutions, corporates and financial market regulators.

Goliath has always been interested in teaching. During his career he has delivered seminars for several universities and professional bodies in Hong Kong on topics relating to financial derivatives.  Living through the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 2007 global financial crisis, he has firsthand experience both as a derivatives trader and a structurer during challenging and volatile times, and brings his valuable knowledge and insight to the classroom.

Goliath has an MSc in Finance from the City University of Hong Kong.  He can deliver training courses in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Areas of expertise

  • Risk management and derivatives
  • Fixed income capital markets
  • Structured products
  • Graduate training
  • Capital markets products
  • One-to-one technical coaching

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