As a symbol of longevity, traditionally the Chinese believed coral to represent an "iron tree" (tieshu) growing under the sea and blossoming only once every 100 years. Coral is also a symbol of official promotion; a red coral button pinned to the hat was the official insignia of a high-ranking official in the imperial court.

One-to-one Technical Coaching

When broad-based, “get-up-to-speed” learning is required to support a business leader or someone taking on a new role, the classroom no longer makes sense.

In such a situation, one-to-one executive coaching is a more efficient method of knowledge transfer.  No time is wasted on aspects that are not 100% relevant to the coachee.  The coaching typically takes place at the coachee’s office over a series of sessions, ensuring that he or she stays close to the business at all times.

Working as a partnership, the coach and coachee structure the programme together.  The key component is flexibility; being able to respond to specific training needs as they arise will truly provide support to the individual during a time of change, added responsiblility and increased pressure.

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