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Fixed Income Capital Markets

Whether it is an overview of the global bond markets, insight into the processes of corporate or sovereign bond issuance, or a detailed analysis of bond trading strategies and portfolio risk management techniques that is required, bdConsulting offers practical, hands-on training solutions and market focused learning.

For the underwriting bank there is no off-the-shelf product when it comes to issuing a bond.  Experience, a sound understanding of both the issuers’ and investors’ needs, and a strong support system in the form of sales, traders and credit analysts combine to produce the optimal solution, one which meets the needs of the parties involved.  In the secondary bond market, successful trading requires an awareness of the macro and micro-economic factors that influence a market, an ability to translate these factors into trading strategies, and a sound technical knowledge to ensure correct implementation, monitoring and risk management.

Transferring this knowledge and market awareness requires innovative training solutions.  Our team of consultants brings to the classroom firsthand experience of bond syndication, sales and trading, and a creative approach to learning through a wide range of case studies, practical exercises and valuable market insight.

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