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Partnering with SimArch NV

June 11, 2013

We are very excited to be working with SimArch NV, a leading provider of bank simulations and simulation-based training programmes for more than 14 years.

SimArch’s simulations allow participants to experience the art of banking.  Whether the objective is to increase the profitability of an existing commercial bank through a more targeted business development strategy, or create a truly universal banking institution, decisions must be made and their outcome managed through ever-changing market conditions.  Now all of this can be brought into the training room.

Global vs local

SimArch have designed simulations that reflect the global nature of the financial markets in which we operate today, but don’t ignore the unique characteristics that define a local market.

  • Inclusion of country-specific macroeconomic indicators.
  • Imposition of local and/or international regulatory requirements.
  • Replication of local market conditions, product ranges, liquidity and transparency.

The use of SimArch simulations as part of a training programme provides participants with a highly engaging, practical and interactive learning experience and enables them to develop a greater understanding of what is involved in the management of a bank’s balance sheet.

A shared ambition

Our two organisations share the same ambition; to deliver quality training solutions that are relevant, engaging and practical.  That is why we are very excited to have formed an alliance which brings together bdC’s wealth of financial markets knowledge and experience and SimArch’s market-leading action-learning tools.

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