Tangerines and oranges are auspicious Chinese New Year symbols. In Mandarin, tangerine sounds similar to the word for 'luck' and orange sounds similar to that for 'wealth'. Receiving a gift of tangerines and oranges is considered the same as receiving an abundance of happiness and prosperity.

Private Banking

bdConsulting recognises that the key to success for a private banker is the ability to foster strong and lasting relationships with clients.  With this in mind, we provide a blended solution which positions technical knowledge at the core of the training, but uses delivery mechanisms and learning experiences which aim to strengthen bankers’ professional capabilities.

The training programmes we provide for our private banking clients focus on three key objectives:

  • Putting in place the right wealth management solutions for a client by observing the client’s objectives, preferences and personal circumstances as well as the underlying market conditions.
  • Delivering a service within the legal and regulatory bounds, adhering to the industry’s code of conduct, and ensuring compliance with the bank’s risk management policies.
  • Managing the personal relationship with the client, ensuring the private banker is fully aware of and knows how to adapt his or her communication style to that of the client, thereby respecting the clients unique requirements.

A private banking professional must possess a solid understanding of the broader financial markets and prevailing economic environment, be able to deliver expert knowledge of specific investment products and services in a clear, informative and responsive manner, and be a master at communicating with clients, knowing when to listen, to support and to guide.

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